Oskar's Thinkpad


Pretty darned obsolete, but it's fully capable of hosting a webserver. And is excellent as an emergency terminal for my main machine.

OS Debian 10, OpenBSD 6.7
CPUIntel Pentium II
CPU1x i686 @400MHz pipelines=1
Memory Upgraded from 1x64 MiB to 2x256 MiB
Storage Upgraded from 4.32 GB 4200 RPM to 120 GB SSD
NetworkPCMCIA Ethernet card (in use)

Ports and such:

Portable storage:

Dead hardware

Some pictures

Download all of them

Keyboard and the Intel inside sticker
768x480 1920x1080 5312x2988
The setup
600x800 1024x1024 1920x2560
OpenBSD's desktop environment
1024x768 2048x1536
Hardware that has died
Edit: The Ethernet card turned out to be functional.
1024x768 2048x1536
Left side
960x540 1280x720 1920x1080 3840x2160
Right side
888x666 1024x768 2048x1536 3072x2304
Back side
1024x768 2048x1536 3072x2304
The 56k modem
Front side with cover on: 400x584 1168x800
Back side with cover on: 432x624 2048x1416
Front side without cover: 536x768 2048x1440
Back side without cover: 464x680 2048x1392